Mine Action


Qaya Safety Solutions provides mine action services including survey and clearance of contaminated lands in liberated areas. 
Our mine action services include:
Non-Technical Survey: The non-technical survey is the process of gathering of information, assessment of land, evaluating of historical records, conducting desk assessments, and analyzing of critical details on suspected hazardous areas prior to the commencement of clearance operations.
Technical Survey: Manual and mechanical detection of hazardous area following non-technical survey phase.
Manual Mine Clearance: Detection, removal of both anti-personnel and anti-tank mines and explosive remnants of war.
Battle Area Clearance: Systematic search, detection, marking and removal of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), exsplosive ordnance (EO), munitions from battle field  area known to be free from landmine threat.

Mechanical Clearance: use of mechanical assets to perform tasks such as ground reconnaissance and clearance over large areas of land.

Mine Detection Dog Teams (MDD) : QSS has MDD teams with an experienced handlers. Our dogs use their incredible sense of smell to “sniff out” the explosive odors of landmines.
Explosive Ordnance Risk Education: Traning conducting to support displaced camps and children in the affected districts in the previous conflict zone.

Non-Technical Survey
Technical Survey
Manual Mine Clearance
Battle Area Clearance
Mechanical Clearance
Explosive Ordnance Risk Education